The GeoSpear Process

Drawing on our 25 years of Customer Service experience, we will treat your property with a hospital grade disinfectant that eliminates all 99.999% of all pathogens and then apply the highest quality, long term anti-microbial protectant. GeoSpear provides the safest environment possible for you, your family, employees and customers.

GeoSpear Disinfecting Services provides comprehensive antimicrobial protection that is designed to protect homes, businesses, vehicles, and public facilities from harmful viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria, and fungi. GeoSpear utilizes a safe, two step system of immediate disinfection followed by long-term antimicrobial protection. Finally, our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to handle any emergencies that may arise or to answer any of our customers’ questions or needs.

What Separates GeoSpear

  • The GeoSpear Process was developed through extensive scientific research and partnerships with distinguished biologists and chemists
  • Uses the highest quality hospital grade disinfectant that eliminates 99.999% of all pathogens.
  • Our disinfectant is on EPA’s List N, which means that it meets the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19.
  • GeoSpear then applies the longest lasting antimicrobial protection that remains active eliminating pathogens for up to 30-90 days
  • GeoSpear Technicians are provided extensive training and complete a certification process
  • GeoSpear continually tests your property to ensure it remains protected from pathogens
  • GeoSpear provides the peace of mind to know that your family, friends, business, and loved ones are protected
  • GeoSeal is the official verification that this location has been disinfected & protected using the GeoSpear™ Process
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support
  • Dedicated Service Representative assigned to each Customer

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Step 1: Disinfect

The first step in the GeoSpear process treats all surfaces with the highest quality hospital-grade disinfectant. The disinfectant in the GeoSpear Process eliminates 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and all other pathogens on surfaces. Our disinfectant is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals, and aquatic life.

Our disinfectant is on the EPA’s List N, which means that it meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the novel Coronavirus known as Covid-19. It is also on the EPA’s List G, which is the EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Norovirus (the Norovirus is non-enveloped); and List L, which is EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products that Meet the CDC criteria for use against the Ebola Virus (which is an enveloped virus). It is a powerful, hospital-grade disinfectant product that eliminates 99.999% of microbes including viruses. Our disinfectant meets the EPA’s emerging pathogen requirements for viruses showing efficacy against envelope and non-envelope viruses, both large and small.

Disinfection and Safety Facts

Fact: Our disinfectant is a hospital-grade disinfectant that is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals, and aquatic life.

  • EPA-registered hospital disinfectant with lowest toxicity category—gentle enough for daily disinfecting and sanitizing
  • On the EPA’s List N, which means that it meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the novel Coronavirus known as Covid-19
  • NSF-registered “no-rinse on food-contact surfaces” sanitizer
  • Effective disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including H1N1; MRSA; Norovirus; HIV; Legionella; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Hepatitis A, B, and C; Ebola virus; and others (see testing summary)
  • Effective fungicide
  • Effective mildew and mold remover—kills mold spores and prevents mold regrowth on tile and other materials up to seven months
  • Excellent for water damage and mold removal services
  • Heavy-duty odor eliminator—gets rid of bad odors by attacking the source of the problem, not by masking
  • Eliminates allergens in homes and other environments
  • Eliminates mold, mildew, and odor in HVAC systems and air ducts
  • Sanitizes 99.999% of food contact surfaces with no-rinse required
  • Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute for pet stains and odor
  • Carpet and rug sanitizer
  • Soft-surface sanitizer

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Step 2: Protect

The Second Step in the GeoSpear process provides long term antimicrobial surface protection for up to 90 days. Step 2 is a physical protective molecular barrier that bonds permanently to any surface it is applied to, creating an inhospitable environment for microbials. The molecular chain bonds to the surface it is applied to and has a natural positive charge. Microbials have a natural negative charge. Opposites attract naturally, so the microbial exert a strong electrostatic attractive force for the Quarantary Ammonium Chloride (“QAC”) Molecule Chain.

Independent studies have shown that QAC’s are effective against both bacteria and viruses. Against viruses, the process damages the protective envelope surrounding viruses destroying them, causing an irreversible loss of the ability to contaminate and infect. Against bacteria, as the microbials enter the Molecule Chain their membrane is pierced or disrupted by the chain. This process damages the bacteria cells, killing the bacteria.

Long-Lasting 2-Step Protection Spray

GeoSpear’s independently conducted research indicates that our long-term protection is the best active ingredient to render a surface inhospitable to bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Due to the permanent bond, the protective chain remains in place and will continue to protect over an extended period of time. The bond can only be removed through continuous friction or extensive high heat.